Amp your Multi-Unit Franchise

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Outsourced CFO services designed for franchisees

Owning and operating a franchise group is no easy task. With each new location, the reporting requirements get more demanding. Consolidated reporting and forecasting is critical to monitoring your performance and accessing growth capital with top lenders in the industry. At Amp we understand these challenges and provide the solutions you’ve been looking for.

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Multi-entity Consolidation

Monitor the performance of your enterprise and provide timely and accurate consolidated results to your partners, investors, and lenders.

Performance Monitoring

Create performance targets and metrics that provide data critical to operating your business. Seamlessly perform covenant tests for your lender.

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Make informed decisions on the future of your business with advanced forecasting capabilities. Whether it’s hiring an employee, purchasing equipment, or making an acquisition, you can view the revenue and cash flow impacts on your business through a range of economic scenarios.