Outsourced CFO

Do more of what you love.

In 2014, QuickBooks commissioned a study to examine the financial management habits of small businesses. They found that 40% of small business owners consider themselves financially illiterate yet 81% handle their business’ finances on their own. The study goes on to reveal the majority of business owners want to understand their finances better and few owners stay current with financial news.

By working with Amp, you gain a business parter who is available to you 24/7. Outsourcing the financial management function of your business allows you to focus your efforts on growing your business.

Amp CFO services include monthly management reporting, establishment of KPI framework, industry benchmarking, cash flow forecasting, projections, and scenario analysis.

By leveraging this data you will make more informed decisions and grow strategically.

The type of engagement will vary based on your preferred process and we partner well with your existing support system such as bookkeepers and accountants.

Mark, I cannot thank you enough! You came along at exactly the right time and I am confident that this was exactly the direction we needed to be pointed in.

Shelly, Denver Pumpers LLC