Reporting & Forecasting

Help is on the way.

As a Certified Fathom Advisor, I bring best-in-class financial reporting tools to my clients at an affordable rate. After initial set-up, I work with you on a monthly basis to monitor KPIs, interpret and analyze the results, and refine your forecasts.

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Reporting & Analysis

See your business in a new light. Understand the drivers of cash flow and profitability. Implement performance metrics to keep you on track.


Gain insight into how you measure up the competition. We have financial data from 700+ industries that can be used to determine if your margins and metrics are where you should be.


Create a budget and forecast that you can use to drive your business forward. Plan for events such as a new hire or equipment purchases and see how it will impact your balance sheet and cash flow.

Mark, I cannot thank you enough! You came along at exactly the right time and I am confident that this was exactly the direction we needed to be pointed in.

Shelly, Denver Pumpers LLC